Sensory Woes

Sensory Integration Disorder

This is going to be a long section because this is still a on going journey for us. We have made huge improvements over the years with the help of many things.

Honestly this is a hard one for parents to understand especially when you don’t suffer from this disorder.

In all honestly a good starting point is this book. Recommend to me by a very very skilled occupational therapist who made great progress with our son she not only was educated here in the United States but started her training in South Africa. This book helps you have an understanding of the disorder and gives you a glimpse into your child’s world to help you gain further compassion.

This Book by Jean Ayres, P.h D can be hard to find but I would check any favorite book sites you have and libraries. Over the years I have spent money on varies books on this topic or have gotten books at the library and this was my favorite of all of them.

So sensory problems,which I am sure your aware, manifest themselves in many different ways. Some children it’s noise, lights, fabrics, smells, and this can take forms on any to many objects that you encounter in every day Life.

Consequently, Making day to day normalcy into a battle field. I know this because I have lived it too the extreme with my son and we still go through it. Thankfully it’s much more managed now.

I have not forgotten the waking up early and preparing myself to enter verbal combat and my sons tantrums that lasted years. It took me getting to a breaking point where I felt I could no longer live that way, wanting to leave my child, that I finally sought out help, tried the impossible or not well known and we did see improvements that helped long term.

My son, when he was young, would take close to two hours to get ready for school.

He would be screaming the entire time first about socks, we had to get the right socks and they had to have the right lines, I adjusted the socks to his feet many times before the right fit was complete. Then clothing!!! Oh man the material had to be just right and had to fit just so and shoes. He could wake up one morning and decide that the one pair of shoes he would wear didn’t feel right and it usually lead me to the store because that meant he would never wear those shoes again. It could have been they got wet earlier or just felt different. We went through this routine for years. Church was the hardest he didn’t like the feeling of church clothes so I would allow him to wear what he wanted too, but the shoes were still a huge issues. For years I would somehow manage to get him In the car but I would have to argue, eventually carry my son to church and school with shoes in hand. We somehow got the shoes on at some point. But I felt like I had just ran a marathon physically and emotionally and it was only 8:45 in the morning

When me son started 2nd grade that’s when the sensory started really affecting class. Prior to that we would put stick able Velcro to the bottom of his desk to touch or the rubber band around the legs of chair to occupy his fee. Tried tactical pencil toppers, necklaces and bracelets he could chew on. He would chew holes in all his clothing. The collar and sleeves. Clothing that took forever to find that he would wear was within a week chewed through. But what became the deal breaker was the sound problem. My son described it that “He heard every single pencil tap on every desk” , that combined with normal noise was too much. He started needing to go out of the class. It became impossible to take tests and that’s when we found Brain Balance. We at this point had been doing occupational therapy for a few years and a sound therapy with music and special head sets. We did see improvements with some things. Many things got better but it only took us so far. Brain Balance was what helped us see Huge improvements.

It’s not a get quick fix, or pay someone else to do all the work. If your serious and it’s an investment but well worth the money. We were able to not have to do occupational therapy after Brian balance. No more clothes being chewed through and the screaming fits over clothing’s stopped. In the long run it’s a money saver. But you have to be serious, you have to do your best to follow the diet and daily exercises and expect to work hard. Both parent and child. But it is so worth the work. With real, lasting and effective results.

A good place to start if you want to look into Brain Balance is to read the book written by the founder

This book when I read it just made sense and described so much of my sons behavior. Brain Balance in a nut shell is about balancing the hemispheres of the Brain and you do this by exercises and training at the Brian Balance centers that strengthen and more fully develop those parts of the brain that are not as strong. The brain is a muscle never forget this.

I was very pleased with our experience it was life changing for us in terms of sensory and helping calm down the ADHD, ADD.

My sons on the end of the spectrum where he hyper focuses on something or an idea. Obsession on something.

So look into this great program.

Crowds have always been a issue, places with lots of noise, and sitting in rooms with too many people. What has helped with this is fidgets. Welcome to the world of fidgets. With anything tactile your child will find what he likes and doesn’t like. The trick is finding the right item. These are some things that we found success with. Some he only liked for a period of time but all and all they all were very useful.

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