Combating Anxiety

Anxiety is one of those hard subjects. What is it really ? How do you help your children or child who is trying to cope with it. Many times anxiety masks itself in children in ways that are not apparent or easy to understand. Tantrums, yelling, or odd behaviors can be your child’s way of trying to cope with the anxieties or fears they are having.

Panic attacks are different then anxiety. Panic attacks can just happen for no apparent reason at anytime. Children who struggle with anxiety usually have triggers or obsessive thoughts that they can’t escape in their mind. These thoughts bring fear, worry and sometimes are completely debilitating.

Reality is there is no way to completely eradicate anxiety. Your child and you must learn coping skills, your child may need to see a professional. Some mild anxiety can be worked through with a good Therpist or counselor. Sever cases may need psychiatric intervention and medication. Especially if your child’s anxiety is affecting their ability to live life and function in your family.

There are some great children books I have found to read to your child to help them understand anxiety /worry.

We must make sure we are self reflective and understand our own anxieties so we can model healthy behavior for our children. Or at least try – to understand before being understood.

We also use oils in our house. LAVENDER and ROMAN CHAMOMILE are a favorite in our home. I make small easy rollers that my children can take to school and at night we use on the bottoms of feet and down there spine. Here are some good web sites

The biggest hurdle we had was recognizing when anxiety was hitting and developing healthy ways to handle it. We still work on this. The overall goal is to teach your child to eventually be able to identify anxiety within themselves by recognizing behavior and feelings. Then developing a plan of what to do with those feelings and how to work through them. Even the best medications for anxiety that work for your child will not cure them of the process getting anxious brings.

As a parent one of the best books ever written is all about the EQ!! Emotional Intelligence…..this book is beneficial to not only your child but you as well.

Raising An Emotionally Intelligent Child

Book by John M. Gottman

This book has a lot of good ideas and approaches to help your child and yourself to identify what you feeling.

Anxiety is such a hard thing to watch your child struggle with. It’s a slow journey, but one that with patience & love you will see the fruits of your labor over time !

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