Depression and your child

Pediatric care for children and youth going through depression is in such a shortage in this country and everywhere it can make any parent feel like there wandering in a desert with no where to go.

I had no idea young children aged 9 and 10 could be depressed and that suicidal thoughts was even a possibility. No idea until I lived through it with my child. Suicide rates are increasing at an alarming rate in this country. With a shortage of pediatric physicians and mental health care centers. It can be a frightening journey

NAMI – is a great place to go as a parent. They offer free classes, support groups and information to help you and your family of the best resources in your area.

They have people that can help you in your town and area find the right professionals and help your child needs. The support group is so great and a great strength to hear other parents of all age ranges express there journeys and experiences.

One thing I had to accept was no matter how much I loved my child that these demons he had to face daily could not be wished away. We had to and still do make sure the right supports are in place. Find and locate a good mental health physician and Therpist. Checking in with each other and having open communication.

There really is no easy answers, there are no easy fixes. Medications can help but they also have to be monitored carefully because they can make things worse too. There a lot of Hope involved, Faith, and Enduring.

We have lost more then one friend to this illness/disease and it has taken me a long time to realize that it’s truly no ones fault. It doesn’t make sense and never will to me. It’s painful to see how hard it is to just live day to day.

This link below is to a video I found its beautiful and well done !

It’s about Choosing to Stay !! That is what we want for all these beautiful young people to thrive and Stay and find joy in living.

Terrible 2,3,9,10,..15..wait no it’s BioChemistry

Why did the terrible twos never end ….Not saying there are not moments or periods of some resemblance of calm. If your raising a child with unique needs it can feel like the “terrible twos” never really went away.

Over the years many Drs would tell me don’t worry he will grow out of this or should grow out of that. But if He doesn’t well… seek help.

I can’t tell you how many times the years would come and go and certain behaviors would still be an issue. Finally we found a Dr that looked deeper and did Gene testing, hormone and neuron testing.

So we have found some breakthroughs that have helped explain some things and gain greater understanding. We figured out the medications (psychotherapy) that past Drs had put my son on to help actually with his genetic makeup were making him worse.

He has MTHFR – Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase – we found out through Gene testing

His tests showed he was lacking major in certain nutrients because his body can’t absorb them unless formulated right.

We were literally at a cross roads and running out of options. My son was depressed and suicidal and we had been to so many Drs, places and tried everything. The medications side affects were so bad and his depression was getting worse not better.

It’s a terrifying thing when your child tells you please sleep in my room at night because I don’t trust myself not to harm myself. When the professionals have no real answers and medications are not working.

We watched our son go from a depressed state that thought of death all the time to a happy and functioning young man. Not perfect but so much better. We are still dealing with many other issues but having your child want to stay alive becomes your top focus when your child is slipping down that terrible slope.

Once we got him on the right nutrients through vitamins formulated so he could absorb them he transformed. He also sees a great Therpist and we check in regularly to see how he is doing emotionally. It was not a quick fix and took time but the changes where real and long lasting. He still has struggles with his disabilities and but he wants to live now.

MTHFR is controversial in the medical world but the results I have seen in my son and others has been nothing short of a miracle for our family.

Here the Gene testing sight